User eXperience around you – Good or Bad?

Bad UX     

When screen real estate on news channels is over occupied by news tickers, branding and advertisements.



Good UX     

When watching even hard talk is not that hard 🙂



Content Model simplified

Content models, or ER diagrams, or I simply call them WHAT diagrams i.e. they allow us to define what content needs to be designed (whatever it may be, a poster, a webpage, or an app) and the relationship between the various content types.

Below are the examples of content models for an infographic and a webpage that I designed at work.

User-Centered Design for ‘Infozech Software’

Infozech is a leading provider of technology-led solutions that combines cloud-based technologies with a managed services approach to address ground-level challenges in telecom operations and energy management.

The project deals with redesigning the enterprise software using user-centered design approach.

Initial Sketches →

Here are a few Screen Mockups →


Add New Asset Instance


Infozech_UI_Design_Mobile_V1.0 2-11.png

Enter Asset Id



Infozech_UI_Design_Mobile_V1.0 3-12.png

Enter Effective Date of the Asset Instance




Calendar Widget



Infozech_UI_Design_Mobile_V1.0 4-13.png

Enter Asset Make




Lookup Widget




Asset Dashboard



What is UI/UX Design? (.. one liner)

User Experience Design or UXD or UED is the process of enhancing user satisfaction by improving the usability , ease of use , and pleasure provided in the interaction between the user and the product (or website)…..Wikipedia Link

User Interface Design or UID or UI Engineering is the design of user interface for machines or software, such as computers, electronics or mobile devices , etc. with the focus on maximizing the user experience…..Wikipedia Link


Its designing of User Interface to make every User eXperience , an experience of joy of accomplishing its task without any interruption whatsoever , and yet being a beautiful Interface!