Email Marketing Infographic

Email Marketing Infographic

A Case Study @ Targeting Mantra

Personalized shopping experience provided by an e-commerce company, adds to the overall business of the company.

  • Higher ROI (Return On Investment)
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Reduced Bounce rate
  • Increased Open/Click rate


Interesting visual cues


Email Builder Icon Set

Build beautiful and responsive email templates with simple drag and drop placeholders, so as to send relevant email to each user every time.


Drag and drop icon set for image or text placeholders!




A/B Testing Email Campaigns

A/B Testing or Split testing determines which campaign performs better out of two campaign variations, tested on two different subsets out of entire list of recipients.

Success criteria for email campaigns mostly aim at better open and click-through rate, which can lead to higher conversion rate and increased revenue.

A/B Testing Email Campaign Task flow→

AB Testing Email Campaign Competitor Research
A/B Testing Email Campaign

Social Media Advertising @ Targeting Mantra

As a part of Targeting Mantra’s social media strategy, advertising campaigns were created to reach out to people interested in predictive marketing technology, and thus to collect leads for the business, and promote brand awareness.

Facebook Ads

Email to Right User
RIGHT Email!


Send right email
To RIGHT User!


Seamless cross-device customer shopping experience
At RIGHT time across devices!


Google Ad

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Predictive Engagement Platform @ Targeting Mantra

I started my design innings with Targeting Mantra, a US-based company, that has now been acquired by Snapdeal. It offered a SaaS based personalization and  targeting platform for e-commerce companies.

The omni-channel personalization suite provided a seamless experience of customer engagement across channels on web, or mobile apps. And the targeting platform helped marketing teams to effectively identify users for marketing campaigns.


Marketing Automation Tool

Marketing Automation tools are softwares that automate the repetitive marketing tasks and thus help organizations to market more effectively on multiple channels, like, email, social media, or websites.

Most digital marketing tools include components for multi-channel marketing automation, content management, social media advertising, and analytics platform to create personalized customer profiles.

User flow diagram for a Marketing Campaign Design

The purpose of this project is to design an interface for Marketing Automation Tool integrating all the components like subscribers, channels, and design and scheduling of marketing campaigns.

Search Page Mockup.jpg
A simple subscriber search result page

This interface is purely designed for enhancing my knowledge and implementing the UX process with a very low exposure to the real-time requirements.

View the backend UX Story →

P2P Wallet Transactions

Peer-to-peer payment service through wallet apps has made mobile banking convenient and casual.

All peer-to-peer apps work the same way. They link to your bank account, debit card or credit card and requires your email address or phone number to log in. Payments are then made based on limits set by the respective wallet company.

View a typical system task flow for a peer-to-peer wallet transaction →

Tupperware Showcase

Tupperware is the name of a home products line that includes preparation, storage, containment, and serving products for the kitchen and home. It is identified as one of the 10 greatest inventions of the 20th century by the Guinness Book of World Records.

Tupperware is sold mostly through a party plan, with rewards for hosts. These parties are traditionally composed of friends and family members of the hostess, and creates a nurturing atmosphere without a direct sales feeling.

The project Tupperware Showcase is a simple and responsive microsite blueprint that provides an alternative approach to distributors to showcase products online to the prospective customers, and thereby promoting business.

View Prototype →

Happy Coloring!

At times when you feel like playing with colors; with nobody judging you for making it ugly or even when you make it simply beautiful!

Or at times when you want to mix steaming reds with happy yellows to create a vibrant circuit of energy, overflowing with joy, warmth and excitement!

Just start playing, sharing and Celebrating Colors!


Celebrating Colors!

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