Video Curation App for kids

Whizkidz Media provides an app Youhuu that presents a curated list of kids-friendly videos that enriches their knowledge and lets them explore the universe in their own way.

The app also provides a dashboard for parents to know what their kids are exploring.

Few screen artworks created at Digital Dionysus for the App →


A dashboard for parents to see what their kids are exploring!


An expanded View of a tab


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Check-ins for crew made easier near airport

In the digitization of crew processes it should be possible that crews can check-in via their mobile devices, only when they reach within a certain range near airport.

This problem could be solved with geo-fencing or iBeacons. As part of a hackathon, here is the presentation that shows the possible solution →


Full Battery Alarm

Logo with 3 bars - green & with protection area of 200px each side
App Icon Design

Overcharging damages your phone’s battery, degrading and eventually killing the battery.

The app ‘Full Battery Alarm‘ helps you prevent your mobile phone battery from being overcharged and notifies you when your phone is plugged and fully charged.

Initial sketches →




App Home Screen Design






Logo Design for ‘Loving Parent’

Parenting sessions that provide insights and creative solutions to children’s undesired actions and behaviors. This initiative required a visual identity in the form of a logo with logotype that can connect and communicate the message to the audience effectively.

Created artworks of Logo Design at Digital Dionysus for ‘Loving Parent’ 


Lovingparent -LogoLogotypeSlogan.png
Logo, Logotype, Slogan Design



Brand Collateral Design for ‘Ceebeecee’

Ceebeecee is an established travel and tourism company that offers Corporate Travel, MICE, Leisure Travel & Foreign Exchange among its many other services.

Brand Collateral designs help in creating awareness about the business; and are congruous with the brand’s personality.

A snippet of the Slide presentation, created at Digital Dionysus, that showcased the top tourist destinations in India at ITB, Berlin →


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Magnet Designs →


Magnet Design – Front side  – Ranakpur Jain Temple, Pali, Rajasthan – Photo-credit: © Benjamin Vander Steen | cc by 2.0 |



Magnet Design – Front side  – Kangchenjunga Mountain, Sikkim – Photo-credit: © A.Ostrovsky | cc by-sa 2.0 |



Magnet Design – Front side  – Khajuraho Monuments, Madhya Pradesh – Photo-credit: © Dennis Jarvis | cc by-sa 2.0 |



App to check App Permissions

Getting ads about personal conversations? Control them here.

Sometime in May 2015, I was discussing about something with my colleagues; and later in the evening I was surprised to see a promotional email related to what I was discussing in the morning, without even searching for it over web. And this wasn’t the first time that it had happened.

Then I checked settings of apps in my phone and found that the browser had the permission for camera and mic together. I wasn’t sure about this being the reason, but I still unchecked those permissions.

But this gave me the idea of an app that can let people control app permissions. So I decided to make a very simple and straightforward prototype.

This app allows to manage permissions for all the installed apps and even vice-versa i.e. which apps have been granted a specific permission.

Within a few days I found this feature in the Android Settings itself for good.


Check out the prototype here →


App Home Screen, showing all the installed apps



Screen showing all the permissions that Amazon Shopping app has!




App Screen that shows all the Permissions



Screen showing all the apps that can access ‘Contacts’




Analytics Dashboard @ Targeting Mantra

TargetingMantra provides personalization engine that let clients give personalized experience to their customers. This in turn gives higher ROI, higher open/click rate, and generates more revenue.

Analytics dashboard gives an overview of performance reports and gives metrics for significant web widgets.

Requirements & Sketches →

Analytics Revamp3.0.jpg
Company Dashboard

Personalized Mobile Notification Templates

Mobile Notifications are gradually becoming mainstream marketing strategy.  And sending right content with every notification and at just the right time has become critical.

Here are few sample android/ iOS notification templates to mould content in a more personalized manner.


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Comparative Analysis of Email Marketing Across Geographies – Infographic


Source: TargetingMantra Reserach