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Digital Dionysus is a design consulting company in Delhi since 1997.

Here is a snippet of the mobile version of the Homepage design →


Homepage Design – Mobile version




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UI Sketchpad Design

This sketchpad is distributed as part of Design Workshops conducted by Niyam Bhushan.

Here are a few page designs from UI Sketchpad →


For Mobile sketches



Sketch for Watch Interfaces!



Adaptive Design


Sketchpad Back cover




Paisley Design

Paisley designs are made using buta or a droplet shaped motif of Persian origin.

I have recreated this Paisley design found on the Internet, as a vector artwork.


paisley1.18 300dpi-FINAL
Paisley design



Traffic Signal App Design Concept

Here is a visual design concept for a Traffic Signal App designed at Digital Dionysus →

UI_Sketchpad_A4_Asset 5
A Design Concept


Design Revolution from India

Design Revolution, an initiative taken by Niyam Bhushan, aims to transform India through #PureDoing

I created the final artworks of the Logo, designed by Niyam Bhushan.

Logo Design


Favicon Design


Logo, Logotype Design



Portfolio Presentation

Shilpa Nainani has performed as an Emcee, a moderator and a voice artist for over 1200 events from Protocols to Corporate events in over 10 years of her experience.

Here is her Portfolio presentation that we made at Digital Dionysus →

Shilpa Nainani Presentation


Video Curation App for kids

Whizkidz Media provides an app Youhuu that presents a curated list of kids-friendly videos that enriches their knowledge and lets them explore the universe in their own way.

The app also provides a dashboard for parents to know what their kids are exploring.

Few screen artworks created at Digital Dionysus for the App →


A dashboard for parents to see what their kids are exploring!


An expanded View of a tab


Subscribe to the premium version of the app



Check-ins for crew made easier near airport

In the digitization of crew processes it should be possible that crews can check-in via their mobile devices, only when they reach within a certain range near airport.

This problem could be solved with geo-fencing or iBeacons. As part of a hackathon, here is the presentation that shows the possible solution →


Full Battery Alarm

Logo with 3 bars - green & with protection area of 200px each side
App Icon Design

Overcharging damages your phone’s battery, degrading and eventually killing the battery.

The app ‘Full Battery Alarm‘ helps you prevent your mobile phone battery from being overcharged and notifies you when your phone is plugged and fully charged.

Initial sketches →




App Home Screen Design