User-Centered Design for ‘Infozech Software’

Infozech is a leading provider of technology-led solutions that combines cloud-based technologies with a managed services approach to address ground-level challenges in telecom operations and energy management.

The project deals with redesigning the enterprise software using user-centered design approach.

Initial Sketches →

Here are a few Screen Mockups →


Add New Asset Instance


Infozech_UI_Design_Mobile_V1.0 2-11.png

Enter Asset Id



Infozech_UI_Design_Mobile_V1.0 3-12.png

Enter Effective Date of the Asset Instance




Calendar Widget



Infozech_UI_Design_Mobile_V1.0 4-13.png

Enter Asset Make




Lookup Widget




Asset Dashboard




Digital Dionysus Website

Digital Dionysus is a design consulting company in Delhi since 1997.

Here is a snippet of the mobile version of the Homepage design →


Homepage Design – Mobile version



UI Sketchpad Design

This sketchpad is distributed as part of Design Workshops conducted by Niyam Bhushan.

Here are a few page designs from UI Sketchpad →


For Mobile sketches



Sketch for Watch Interfaces!



Adaptive Design


Sketchpad Back cover




Paisley Design

Paisley designs are made using buta or a droplet shaped motif of Persian origin.

I have recreated this Paisley design found on the Internet, as a vector artwork.


paisley1.18 300dpi-FINAL
Paisley design



Traffic Signal App Design Concept

Here is a visual design concept for a Traffic Signal App designed at Digital Dionysus →

UI_Sketchpad_A4_Asset 5
A Design Concept


Design Revolution from India

Design Revolution, an initiative taken by Niyam Bhushan, aims to transform India through #PureDoing

I created the final artworks of the Logo, designed by Niyam Bhushan.

Logo Design


Favicon Design


Logo, Logotype Design



Portfolio Presentation

Shilpa Nainani has performed as an Emcee, a moderator and a voice artist for over 1200 events from Protocols to Corporate events in over 10 years of her experience.

Here is her Portfolio presentation that we made at Digital Dionysus →

Shilpa Nainani Presentation


Video Curation App for kids

Whizkidz Media provides an app Youhuu that presents a curated list of kids-friendly videos that enriches their knowledge and lets them explore the universe in their own way.

The app also provides a dashboard for parents to know what their kids are exploring.

Few screen artworks created at Digital Dionysus for the App →


A dashboard for parents to see what their kids are exploring!


An expanded View of a tab


Subscribe to the premium version of the app



Check-ins for crew made easier near airport

In the digitization of crew processes it should be possible that crews can check-in via their mobile devices, only when they reach within a certain range near airport.

This problem could be solved with geo-fencing or iBeacons. As part of a hackathon, here is the presentation that shows the possible solution →