A UX Research Case Study

Disclaimer: To comply with my non-disclosure agreement, I have omitted and obfuscated confidential information in this case study. The information in this case study is my own and does not necessarily reflect the views of Juggeranut Books.

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All Design is Redesign

Here is the design link –

Juggernaut Books App redesign 

User eXperience around you – Good or Bad?

Bad UX     

When screen real estate on news channels is over occupied by news tickers, branding and advertisements.



Good UX     

When watching even hard talk is not that hard 🙂


Content Model simplified

Content models, or ER diagrams, or I simply call them WHAT diagrams i.e. they allow us to define what content needs to be designed (whatever it may be, a poster, a webpage, or an app) and the relationship between the various content types.

Below are the examples of content models for an infographic and a webpage that I designed at work.

Amazon Wishlist made little more useful

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Amazon Wishlist, is undoubtedly relevant for a good online shopping experience. And as it features, it does help us in adding items of our interest at one location & keeping track of price changes.

But I’m little uncertain of whether it really helps us in saving time?

  1. Because as it becomes long, it gets really difficult to browse through it. Moreover the filter options are just limited to purchased or unpurchased items, which do make up for a filter criteria but that’s not all. Like, categorizing items can become another useful filter option.
  2. It is not uncommon that we often forget over time if had earlier added something related to what we’re currently searching for. Thus arises a need for qucikly reminding the user about the similar items in his Wishlist, which can further add upto saving time & quick decision making for the user.

A simple solution to it could be pairing Search results tab with Wishlist tab. This will also give better visibility to Wishlist which is even a greater issue for any shopping app in terms of driving conversion and increasing sales and of course user engagement within app.

Pairing Search results with Amazon Wishlist
Pairing Search results tab with Wishlist
Similar items in Wishlist

A/B Testing Email Campaigns

A/B Testing or Split testing determines which campaign performs better out of two campaign variations, tested on two different subsets out of entire list of recipients.

Success criteria for email campaigns mostly aim at better open and click-through rate, which can lead to higher conversion rate and increased revenue.

A/B Testing Email Campaign Task flow→

AB Testing Email Campaign Competitor Research
A/B Testing Email Campaign

Predictive Engagement Platform @ Targeting Mantra

I started my design innings with Targeting Mantra, a US-based company, that has now been acquired by Snapdeal. It offered a SaaS based personalization and  targeting platform for e-commerce companies.

The omni-channel personalization suite provided a seamless experience of customer engagement across channels on web, or mobile apps. And the targeting platform helped marketing teams to effectively identify users for marketing campaigns.


Marketing Automation Tool

Marketing Automation tools are softwares that automate the repetitive marketing tasks and thus help organizations to market more effectively on multiple channels, like, email, social media, or websites.

Most digital marketing tools include components for multi-channel marketing automation, content management, social media advertising, and analytics platform to create personalized customer profiles.

User flow diagram for a Marketing Campaign Design

The purpose of this project is to design an interface for Marketing Automation Tool integrating all the components like subscribers, channels, and design and scheduling of marketing campaigns.

Search Page Mockup.jpg
A simple subscriber search result page

This interface is purely designed for enhancing my knowledge and implementing the UX process with a very low exposure to the real-time requirements.

View the backend UX Story →

P2P Wallet Transactions

Peer-to-peer payment service through wallet apps has made mobile banking convenient and casual.

All peer-to-peer apps work the same way. They link to your bank account, debit card or credit card and requires your email address or phone number to log in. Payments are then made based on limits set by the respective wallet company.

View a typical system task flow for a peer-to-peer wallet transaction →