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User-Centered Design for ‘Infozech Software’

Infozech is a leading provider of technology-led solutions that combines cloud-based technologies with a managed services approach to address ground-level challenges in telecom operations and energy management.

The project deals with redesigning the enterprise software using user-centered design approach.

Initial Sketches →

Here are a few Screen Mockups →


Add New Asset Instance


Infozech_UI_Design_Mobile_V1.0 2-11.png

Enter Asset Id



Infozech_UI_Design_Mobile_V1.0 3-12.png

Enter Effective Date of the Asset Instance




Calendar Widget



Infozech_UI_Design_Mobile_V1.0 4-13.png

Enter Asset Make




Lookup Widget




Asset Dashboard



Analytics Dashboard @ Targeting Mantra

TargetingMantra provides personalization engine that let clients give personalized experience to their customers. This in turn gives higher ROI, higher open/click rate, and generates more revenue.

Analytics dashboard gives an overview of performance reports and gives metrics for significant web widgets.

Requirements & Sketches →

Analytics Revamp3.0.jpg
Company Dashboard

Marketing Automation Tool

Marketing Automation tools are softwares that automate the repetitive marketing tasks and thus help organizations to market more effectively on multiple channels, like, email, social media, or websites.

Most digital marketing tools include components for multi-channel marketing automation, content management, social media advertising, and analytics platform to create personalized customer profiles.

User flow diagram for a Marketing Campaign Design

The purpose of this project is to design an interface for Marketing Automation Tool integrating all the components like subscribers, channels, and design and scheduling of marketing campaigns.

Search Page Mockup.jpg
A simple subscriber search result page

This interface is purely designed for enhancing my knowledge and implementing the UX process with a very low exposure to the real-time requirements.

View the backend UX Story →