Traffic Signal App Design Concept

Here is a visual design concept for a Traffic Signal App designed at Digital Dionysus →

UI_Sketchpad_A4_Asset 5
A Design Concept



Full Battery Alarm

Logo with 3 bars - green & with protection area of 200px each side
App Icon Design

Overcharging damages your phone’s battery, degrading and eventually killing the battery.

The app ‘Full Battery Alarm‘ helps you prevent your mobile phone battery from being overcharged and notifies you when your phone is plugged and fully charged.

Initial sketches →




App Home Screen Design






App to check App Permissions

Getting ads about personal conversations? Control them here.

Sometime in May 2015, I was discussing about something with my colleagues; and later in the evening I was surprised to see a promotional email related to what I was discussing in the morning, without even searching for it over web. And this wasn’t the first time that it had happened.

Then I checked settings of apps in my phone and found that the browser had the permission for camera and mic together. I wasn’t sure about this being the reason, but I still unchecked those permissions.

But this gave me the idea of an app that can let people control app permissions. So I decided to make a very simple and straightforward prototype.

This app allows to manage permissions for all the installed apps and even vice-versa i.e. which apps have been granted a specific permission.

Within a few days I found this feature in the Android Settings itself for good.


Check out the prototype here →


App Home Screen, showing all the installed apps



Screen showing all the permissions that Amazon Shopping app has!




App Screen that shows all the Permissions



Screen showing all the apps that can access ‘Contacts’




Marketing Automation Tool

Marketing Automation tools are softwares that automate the repetitive marketing tasks and thus help organizations to market more effectively on multiple channels, like, email, social media, or websites.

Most digital marketing tools include components for multi-channel marketing automation, content management, social media advertising, and analytics platform to create personalized customer profiles.

User flow diagram for a Marketing Campaign Design

The purpose of this project is to design an interface for Marketing Automation Tool integrating all the components like subscribers, channels, and design and scheduling of marketing campaigns.

Search Page Mockup.jpg
A simple subscriber search result page

This interface is purely designed for enhancing my knowledge and implementing the UX process with a very low exposure to the real-time requirements.

View the backend UX Story →